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Around 200,000 service members transition from military to civilian life annually.
For many veterans, discovering their renewed sense of purpose can be challenging.
Our non-profit’s mission is to provide personalized, on-demand career coaching that helps service members uncover fulfilling opportunities in their next chapter.

Where Military Experience Becomes Civilian Excellence

Career Wizard

By harnessing your unique profile information, our AI-powered tool analyzes your military background and suggests potential career pathways that align with your strengths and interests.

Skill Gap Analysis

Our tool analyzes your experience, attributes, and how long you have until separation to unveil tailored recommendations for the precise skills and education you need to land your dream job.

Mock Interview Prep

Leveraging your career history, our tool analyzes the job you're targeting and generates perfectly custom mock interview questions and guides you through potential responses based on your background.

Cover Letter Wizard

Applying to a job? Our tool takes the job description, paired with your profile information, and drafts a perfectly customized cover letter for you to fine-tune to your needs.

Bullet Translator

By leveraging your OPR and EPR performance bullets, our tool transforms your military achievements into impactful civilian resume bullets.

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Create a professional resume/CV using information from your profile.

Record an answer live to your questions and receive feedback on how to improve your response.
The information you need to fight for the salary that you deserve.
Find the DoD SkillBridge Program that’s right for you. Ask any questions you may have.

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Join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s heroes. 

Questions & answers

Creating a detailed profile ensures that your career coaching will be tailored to your personal situation. It’s worth the time you put in!
We do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII)! Any PII collected is used for Sheer.ID miltiary verification and is not stored on our site. All other information is stored at rest in the cloud. We recommend not inputting any PII into any online site, to include ours! We will NEVER sell your data to 3rd-parties.
Though we are a non-profit company, there are costs associated with companies using OpenAI APIs, hosting applications in the cloud, and using other tools to keep the business running smoothly. We project our current pricing model to lose a small amount of money that we plan to make back through donations.

To get the same quality responses from ChatGPT, it will cost you $20/month. Furthermore, you’ll have to fine-tune all the tools we provide yourself and input your profile data each time. We take the guesswork out of using these tools for career coaching. 

Our AI-driven platform leverages the power of LLMs to provide tailored career advice, ranging from resume building and interview preparation to identifying civilian job opportunities that match your military skill set.
Yes, our Career Wizard tool is specifically designed to map military roles to potential civilian job titles, considering factors like your specialty, skills and experience.
We continuously update our prompts to reflect the latest prompt engineering techniques and user feedback to ensure you’re receiving the most accurate and effective coaching as possible.

We have a dedicated support team ready to assist you. Please reach out to us at

We are committed to providing unbiased advice. Our AI algorithms are regularly audited for fairness and impartiality, and we actively seek diverse input to ensure our guidance serves all members equitably.

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